Process Optimisation

  1. Checkup of all the production phases with analysis, verification and evaluation of critical points and to be improved.
  2. Initial analysis of the Commercial and Administrative Sector. Verification of control systems, control of critical points and improvements.
  3. Spot Consulting. Inspection in every area of the company with, verification, control and release of reports with analysis and evaluation on solutions useful for the resolution or improvement of the problem.
  4. Target Consulting. Following points 1 and 2, an objective is agreed with the customer, defining times, investments and strategy. The fee, agreed between the parties, can be commensurate with a percentage based on the economic advantage.
    1. Reduction of zinc consumption. –
    2. Reduction of production of dross and ashes. –
    3. Reduction of energy consumption. – Increase of production efficiency.
  5. Strategic consulting. Assistance and advice aimed at supporting the company in the strategy for new investments, restructuring and improvements, management systems and techniques, programs and software
  6. Continuous Consulting. Long-term contract, at least annual, with quarterly check and remote assistance and intervention at the request of the customer. Functions to be performed in all sectors of the company based on customer requests.

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