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Consultancy & Solution Provider

Consultancy & Solution Provider

Consultancy & Solution Provider for Operational Technical Issues

Areas: Galvanizing, GALVALUME, Color coating, Cold rolling, Hot rolling, pickling, coolant management, Quality control and assurance, Lab set up, defect control and minimization, sponge iron making, Aluminum smelting, physical metallurgy, corrosion science,  Metallurgy for the non metallurgists.

1. Galvanizing, Galvalume and Color coating

2. Pickling line optimsation and removal of pickling defects

3. Hot and cold rolling

4. Coolant management

5. Corrosion engineering

6. Quality assurance and control

7. Various lab set up

8. Defects and defect minimization

9. Sponge Iron

10. Ferro Alloys

11. Aluminum Smelting

12. Any other metal related issues

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