Technical Education

About Us

EduMet India is a dedicated body, striving to excel in Process Consultancy and Best in class technical education across the globe. EduMet India is built on five strong pillars  such as Process consultancy for Galvanizers, Technical assistance for new plant set up, Technical knowledge enhancement of working professionals, New Product development concepts, lunching and Quality Assurance.

EduMet India is a dedicated body in spreading awareness and knowledge of Materials Engineering across the globe. The key focus of EduMet is to assist professionals to recapitulate their knowledge in their domain of work and expertise. In the professional world it is often experienced that knowledge of core engineering is getting faded with time due to regular on-job activities, several other professional commitment and engagements. EduMet has vast experience worldwide by partnering with leading industries and academics, assisting many professionals to recapitulate their own core expertise. Aiming at such recapitulation will further help them to improve efficiency and confidence in their respective fields. EduMet believes in “EXCELLENCE IN GALVANIZING”, bringing academia closer to the industry so that with the help of EduMet the latter can improve its operational excellence, efficiency and problem solving techniques. EduMet mentors have vast experience in industry, research and academia. Such unique combination helps EduMet to identify the needs of the professionals and deliver the best accordingly.

Technical Consultancy

EduMet India also focuses in supporting various manufacturing industry in achieving operational excellence by minimizing various defects, implementation of SOP’s and adapting best practices.  EduMet India helps in chalking out the bench mark performance and help in every aspect to achieve the benchmark with existing capabilities. In summary EduMet India provides best in class technical consultancy in various manufacturing industries which are listed below

  1. Galvanizing — continuous and General
  2. Galvalume and Color coating
  3. Pickling line optimisation and removal of pickling defects
  4. Hot and cold rolling
  5. Coolant management
  6. Corrosion engineering
  7. Quality assurance and control
  8. Various lab set up
  9. Defects and defect minimization
  10. New Product Development


Technical Experts

Our experts have more than 50 years of Industrial experience across the globe. Experts have hands on expertise in all the manufacturing sectors and gained knowledge accordingly. Experts are fully knowledgeable about existing bench mark studies and insight about achieving such level in existing capabilities.