Galvanizing Consultant & Knowledge Partner

Galvanizing Consultant & Knowledge Partner

Our Collaborators

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Our Work Area

We are working in the following Areas with Best Efforts and every Success


Plant set up Assistance and Process Audit

Analysis and Calculation Systems of the selling price, Technical/Economic Indicators. - Periodic reports and checks, Selection of OEMs, Process audit, ...
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Process Optimisation

Checkup of all the production phases with analysis, verification and evaluation of critical points and to be improved. Initial analysis ...
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Knowledge Partnering

Technical and management training of operational and managerial profiles Technical training of employees. Course Outline: ...
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New product launching and Value proposition

New product value proposition, Value establishment by third party audit, Technical marketing ...
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Quality with Edumet

Quality Assurance

Analysis, Evaluations Strategies ...
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Latest Webinar

Webinar on Metallurgy for Non Metallurgists

Webinar on Metallurgy for Non Metallurgists ...
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ILZDA-Edumet Webinar on Continious Galvanizing

ILZDA-Edumet Webinar on Continious Galvanizing on 14th July ...
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Webinar on General Galvanizing

ILZDA-Edumet Webinar on General Galvanizing 20th May ...
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